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Looking For The Very Best In Christian WordPress Hosting?

In our continuing effort to provide the Christian Community with the very best web services, we are offering a set of special plans carefully crafted for Churches, Ministries, Small Business and serious blogging.

Super flexible & powerful

WordPress is the number one website creation and management system on the internet… Using PowerPress or SuperPress will put you in very good company!

Endless options

There is just about nothing you cannot do with  a WordPress website.  Whether your site will be for a church, business, ministry or blog… No Problem!

Easy to use ~ Ideas into action

WordPress is continually adding features and new tools making it the most used and powerful contenet manager on the intenet.

Elegant & Powerful

With WordPress now powering around 40% of the world’s websites, it has become the premier site design and content manager available.

We have put together these special plans for Christian WordPress Hosting which include some extraordinary features at an amazing price.

Did you know that there are about 50,000 new WordPress websites being added to the internet every single day?  This means the WordPress platform is solid and the top choice of website managers worldwide.

Our parent company, The GraceNet is Christian-owned and operated, debt-free, and not for sale. You are dealing with the original Christian WordPress Web Hosting company and we understand the special needs of the Christian community.

These amazing plans are ready to help you reach your world!!

Discover PowerPress and SuperPress

• Beware Of “Unlimited” Plans!! •

Some Hosts Entice You With It But There Is Really No Such Thing.

We Tell You Exactly What You Get And We Deliver!

Unlimited has become a catchword in the industry to make people feel they are getting something for nothing. Actually, there is no such thing in the hosting world. Because they have to pay for everything, every host, no matter how big it may be, must pay for every server, every hard drive, every bit of data it uses in its network.  As a result, “unlimited” really means: “until you use too much.”


We’d Rather Be Honest And Upfront With You

The GraceNet would rather be honest with our clients and tell them the truth. So, at The GraceNet, you will know exactly what you get with no surprises… The best Christian Web Hosting in the business.

GraceNet Christian WordPress Hosting Plans

GraceNet WordPress Performance Package

Now Available On Either Plan

Have you ever wished your website loaded faster? Had less spam? Was better protected from hackers? We are excited to announce the new “WordPress Performance Package” we created to maximize the speed and safety of your SuperPress or PowerPress site.
To learn how this package can greatly improve your website, go to This Page to see the details.  You can order it at the same time you order your hosting plan.

Your Web Presence Needs Are Not The Same As Everyone Else

Our SuperPress & PowerPress plans are not only easy to use but come with built in power-features you would pay much more for elsewhere.

Whatever your website needs to accomplish, you can do it with our WorldClass WordPress plans.




Light up the word with what you have to say!

WordPress has thousands of beautiful look & feel options to set your blog apart.

Easy tools are available to help you reach your target audience and deliver your message.



Church or Ministry

The foundational reason for The GraceNet was to provide a safe and honest place for churches and ministries to impact the world.

WordPress can do just about anything you can imagine to help you accomplish that.



WordPress gives you amazing eCommerce tools and most are free. Color, formatting, display option and more are at your disposal.

The tools in WordPress give you what you need to make the look and feel of your online store to be just the way you want it. 



First Impression!! Many times people will judge a business by what they see online.  This is why a great website is so important.

WordPress has the flexibility you need to make your business stand out and encourage the visitor to look further into what you have to offer.


Website Design Services

We help you get the most from your website. Let’s work together to give you the web presence you need



IT Technician

Thank you for the **incredible ** level of support GraceNet provides. I started pushing a keyboard in 1967 and have been at pretty steadily for the last 35 years. I have seldom if ever experienced the level of customer care and quality GraceNet provides. Thank you all for what you do for us!!




On behalf of all the accounts I represent, I am so grateful to be a part of The GraceNet. You have always been so professional and it is so good to see your commitment to the Lord and faithfulness to Him. God bless you.



Youth Pastor

We had a bad first-time web hosting service with a dishonest company before coming to GraceNet. We have come to think of GraceNet as a Family. Some very fine people have helped us right from the start and they got us up and running in no time. Thank you all at GraceNet for being so kind and understanding with us. We plan to be with GraceNet for a long, long time.




Just a note to say thank you for your excellent service. I came from a large hosting company out in California that provided terrible service and NEVER notified of IP or server changes or outages. It’s wonderful to be with a company that takes its customer’s sites into consideration when things are done. I love GraceNet!



Interior Designer

I have to tell you how delighted we are to be with The GraceNet. We’ve had such problems with other web hosts over the years. We are extremely happy here. In fact, we are thinking of getting a larger website from you when our contract expires early next year with our current “deadbeat” host and moving our entire website over to GraceNet for good!



Church Comm Director

Your service is exemplary. I love GraceNet. You are fast, efficient and I would recommend your service to any and all church and Christian related organizations. You communicate but don’t bombard. You are helpful but don’t intimidate. I can not say enough positive things about the service provided and I think my Lord every day for providing my church and me, as a Communications Director, the service of such an awesome company.

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